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“I reached out to Attorney Kurt Thompson and he was able to get me a really good settlement…I was able to buy a house and a car for my children.”


“I was in a bad accident, we called Kurt Thompson. He handled my case and got me a settlement of over $300,000. It was a simple and easy process.”

I had a law firm working on my case and they were not getting any results. Kurt took on my case and got me a recovery of $100,000. Thank you Kurt!


I had a slip and fall on a car lot and Attorney Kurt Thompson took my case. In the very beginning I was offered a very small settlement. Kurt immediately said no, and he took it to court. He in fact fought for me and got me something very substantial. I was able to get a home and set my grandchildren up for life. Kurt made it happen for me.


You have the right to seek fair settlement compensation for the losses you have experienced.