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Store/Retail Injuries

Protecting People and Their Families Throughout Florida

An online inquiry stated, “While trying on a blouse at one of my favorite retail department stores, I accidentally stuck myself with a clothing sensor that was improperly fastened. It was hidden on the bottom right side of the blouse and I did not see it. My skin turned red and began to blister almost instantaneously. Can I file a claim against them for damages/negligence?” Stores in general are properly managed but they can cause hurt or harm to people and their families who went for a shopping experience but left needed a lawyer. Here is a list of retail stores:

  • supermarkets
  • clothing stores
  • beauty salons
  • gas stations
  • quickie marts
  • other places


People who own and or manage stores do everything they can to make their stores hazard-free and as safe as possible for customers. Unfortunately, with thousands of customers coming and going in retail stores every day, more than likely there will be accidents that injure customers every now and again.


Accidents have a cause! According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “9 out of 10 customer accidents result from some form of negligence.”

Common Causes of Store Injuries

Retail store negligence affects customers. There are many causes of retail store customer injuries. According to the National Retail Federation the most common types are:

  • Faulty staircases, elevators, and escalators
  • Merchandise falling from shelves
  • Cuts from jagged shelves and showcases
  • Revolving and slamming door breakdowns
  • Insufficient lighting in parking lots
  • Loose mats
  • Liquids spilled onto the floor and aisle obstructions
  • Improper or poor lighting
  • Wet floors or spills without warning signs
  • Products not properly secured or placed on shelves causing a falling or striking hazard
  • Disorganized aisles and ragged products that cause tripping hazards


We highly recommend that you document any and all forms of hazards that were present in the store as well as your injuries, because retail businesses don’t typically have a customer’s best interest although they might have the appearance of it. Don’t allow store managers to make you settle for an apology; do not assume the retailers will offer anything more if you do not document hazards and report injuries. Retailers can be held liable for medical expenses and loss of wages and the ability to earn for your living.

We are legally equipped!

Our lawyers are accustomed to the practices of retail business if you’re injured in a grocery, mall, restaurant, hotel, hardware or different retail store:

  • Seek immediate emergency medical assistance if necessary – always document care
  • Document the dangerous condition/situation
  • Make note if the store knew about the dangerous condition(s) prior to your incident
  • Request a copy of the incident report and contact information of the store’s management
  • Ask the store to preserve any video evidence from store surveillance
  • Report the injury to store management
  • Follow up with a medical professional – document on-going care


We know that any injury, large or small, will have a significant impact on your quality of life and the people that you care for. We have the experience and legal knowledge to point out the retail business or to a jury why you merit compensation. That’s why we would like to help you by being your lawyer. The Kurt Thompson Law Group will protect your rights and make sure you know all your options. Our attorneys are available 24/7 including weekends in order to be there when you need us. Contact us today at 1-888-487-8971.