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Construction Injuries

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous environments for workers in particular and people in general. Many different types of accidents can happen, although there are typically strict safety standards. Though commonly referred to as construction site accidents, these serious injuries can also occur at other places, including your home.

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Security Related Injuries

With so many security lawsuits related to premises on the rise, understanding the law affecting these claims, and how to defend against them is our firm’s expertise.

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Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the floor is wet and slippery or there is an obstruction in the walkway that trips your foot. No matter what the cause is, if a person is injured due to a slip and fall in the workplace or in a public place, the employer or business may be liable for those injuries.

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Store/Retail Injuries

An online inquiry stated, “While trying on a blouse at one of my favorite retail department stores, I accidentally stuck myself with a clothing sensor that was improperly fastened. It was hidden on the bottom right side of the blouse and I did not see it. My skin turned red and began to blister almost instantaneously.

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Swimming Pool Injuries

Florida’s tropical climate allows for residents and visitors to enjoy year-round recreation time swimming in pools and beaches to cool off from the heat, have fun or to just relax. This makes swimming pools a well-liked fixture in several homes and neighborhoods, but this also makes drowning accidents a potential for many. The third leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide is drowning.

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Workplace Injuries

According to Fortune.com, American workplaces have been getting safer for decades, as jobs create safe environments for their employees to work. Amidst all the progress and changes that have been made to improve and enhance safety, workplace deaths have increased slightly in 2015.

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