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Amusement Park Injuries

If you have been injured at an Amusement Park, you will need one of our reputable and professional lawyers to represent you. 

Florida is known internationally for its diverse amusement and theme parks. Individuals and families travel to the sunshine state for adventure, fun and quality time with their friends and loved ones. More often than usual thousands of individuals become victims of injuries, because of carelessness or negligence at theme parks throughout the state. Subsequently, vacations are ruined by unexpected physical accidents, psychological distress and medical bills escalate. More of than usual, victims and their families do not know what to do during these traumatic and life-threatening scenarios. In these moments it is wise to seek counsel from a trusted and experienced law-firm that understands the complexity of the relevant law and is adequately equipped to defend your case to recover substantial amount of money for you.

Expertise in Amusement Park Injuries

Our lawyers have garnered years of legal expertise in amusement parks accidents and are qualified and trained to use all the necessary legal resources to prove your case and obtain the best compensation package that you and your family deserve.

Amusement parks

  • Walt Disney World
  • Sea World
  • Universal Studios
  • Busch Gardens
  • Epcot
  • Lion Country Safari
  • Zoos
  • The Youth Fair
  • Water parks
  • Local fairs and carnivals


There are various forms of legal claims that are available to someone who was injured on an amusement park ride. Although the specific claim depends on the nature of the accident, two of the most common claims are negligence and product liability. According to nolo.com, negligent examples include:

  • failing to post clear warning signs that, for example, patrons with blood pressure or heart problems should not go on a ride
  • posting signs that don’t adequately warn riders of the risks involved
  • failing to properly train ride operators
  • failing to maintain equipment in a safe condition
  • failing to regularly inspect the rides
  • improperly operating a ride
  • providing incorrect instructions to riders

What Should I Do After An Amusement Park Injury?

  • Provide yourself or your family member emergency medical care as soon as possible
  • Document every type of care received
  • Report the injury to the park management
  • If possible, take pictures of dangerous conditions or incidents at scene
  • Always request a copy of the incident report
  • Always obtain names and contact information of employees and/or managers involved
  • Ask theme park to preserve any video evidence available
  • Follow up with a medical professional – document the extent of injuries


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